Bestamo Sounds is owned and operated by Justin Gaynor out of Brooklyn, NY. Justin is available for performance/recording on guitar and/or pedal steel guitar, custom sound design, instruction, and recording/production. He'd love to hear from you.

Justin Gaynor bought his first guitar in 2002 with cash he had procured doing landscaping work with his father's high school disco-buddy Russ Azerello. It's what all the cool kids were doing (playing guitar, not disco). When he wasn't pulling weeds, writing poetry, or just being generally overly introspective about things, Justin asked his guitar all kinds of questions like "what do you sound like here and there?" or "how do you fancy being plucked?" and "why are you not tuned entirely in 4ths like many of your ancestors?"

After less than 3 years of disciplined practice and imaginative exploration of the instrument, Justin found it necessary for further growth and exploration to enroll in Mason Gross School of the Arts. He auditioned and got a call back the next day inviting him aboard. As a student of Jazz guitar icon Vic Juris, Justin solidified his fundamentals and learned to speak the language that would form a baseline for all his work yet to come: Jazz. Overtaken with the beauty, intensity, imagination, and fluidity of tenor sax savants such as Wayne Shorter, Dexter Gordon, John Coltrane and Hank Mobley, Justin devoted countless hours to listening to, transcribing, and imitating their sound. He learned that the frets of guitar are like speed bumps - an impending disruption to fluid motion, but over-comable if handled with grace. 

In Late 2010, JG got a low-key, testing the waters type call from drummrpal Keith Carne about the prospect of joining indie/folk/rock/sadsongy/repetitive/longstanding/explorative/stubborn band Communipaw, a project fronted by spirited songwriter and ethnomusicologist Brian Bond. After joining the band, JG spent the next year exploring the good 'ole US of A on tour with Cpaw, drank Budweiser, and developed a new approach to music rooted in American Folk and Rock. Thanks to Brian Baby Bones Bond, Justin would find his second love, the pedal steel guitar, an instrument that brought him a little closer to mimicking his sax tooting icons. The pedal steel is the only horn that can play chords. The pedal steel is a day of birds chirping after 408 days of traffic and subwoofers. To play the pedal steel, you will need your head, shoulders, knees and toes and more. 

In Fall of 2011, Justin packed up all his guitars, moved to Brooklyn, and barely had room for his bed (maybe you've heard this story already). Since his landing across the Hudson, he has now played with so many artists that he has to keep a list of them in his journal in order to keep them straight. Many of them he respects and admires, and all have informed a refreshed perspective on music making. He's been a part of many inspired recording projects including a 5 week jaunt to New Orleans to record an all analog record with the band Momma Holler, and is currently playing live/recording with Communipaw and Alex Cohen and available to design custom sound/compositions for TV and advertisements.

Bestamo has been thinking about the interaction between the aural and visual arts a lot lately and hopes to explore that relationship more in years to come. 

bestamo sounds